Our strength


  • Speech recognition

    The best speech recognition technology of Korean and English

    It is the best technology optimized for Korean and English,
    Technology for converting speech into text and utilizing in various industries

  • machine translation

    The world best artifical neural network machine translation technology

    Supporting about 150 language pairs with Korean
    Machine translation solutions

  • Natural Language Processing

    The natural language processing technology which understands the language

    With the natural language processing technology which is based on deep learning and machine learning algorithm
    Technology that the computer understands the language and expresses it variously.

  • Open API platform

    The AI technology based platform which can be used easily

    Three technologies reserved by LLSOLLU Inc. can be applied in various industrial fields
    (Voice recognition, machine translation, natural language processing) Use at a low cost

Customer satisfaction


Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

1 ezDAS
The solution which recognizes the speaker's voice and changes it into text
2 ezTalky
AI translation and speech recognition are integrated so the mobile application can translate and interpret in real-time
3 Subtitle Translation Service
The solution which recognizes the speech of the video and automatically generates the captions


Through AI deep learning technology based speech recognition technology,
ezDAS is a speech recognition solution which can turn the speech into data so ezDAS analyzes, searches, translates it.

Key Functions
  • Provide high quality speech recognition technology after learning customer's speech data
  • Provide speech recognition technology which is optimized in customer's industrial field
  • Speech extracted from the text can be used in various 2nd SW
  • Support real-time speech recognition
Characteristics ㆍ Advantages
  • Has speech recognition original technologies and professional engineers
  • Fully support about Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese
  • More than 95% of the speech recognition rate(the call center consultant standard)
  • The domain optimized development function with little speech data
  • Provide very fast speech recognition technology with ultrahigh speed decoder technology
  • Provide the best speech recognition technology with minimum infrastructure
  • Have over 30 patents about speech recognition technology


ezTalky is a mobile app solution for translating and interpreting 4 languages in real time.
It works in the smart phones which are necessaries in modern society.

Key Functions
  • Support the total 8 language pairs with Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese
  • Provide interpretation and translation services in real time
  • Provide major colloquialism and bookmark function in each language
Characteristics ㆍ Advantages
  • Possible to develop the individually customized interpretor and translator for institutions and corporations
  • Possible to develop the professional interpretor and translator specialized in specific industry
  • Advance the speech recognition oriented technology and improve performance continually
  • Possible to develop and consturct the various services which are based on speech recognition

Subtitle Translation Service

From You Tube, internet lecture and online video, etc.
After speech recognition, this service can generate the catpions with language you want and applied them to the video.

Key Functions
  • This service recognizes all kinds of speech from videos like You Tube, internet lecture, online video, etc.
    Then translates into multiple languages and generates captions.
  • Provide various forms of caption files(*.srt / *.xlsx / .txt)
Characteristics ㆍ Advantages
  • Provide high reocognition rate with the speech recognition technology of the world-calss
  • Provide high translation quality with neural network machine translation solution
  • Provide translated captions which are optimized specific domain for each video
  • Provide more than 14 language pairs

Neural Machine Translation

Machine Translation

1 ezNTS
Artificial neural network machine translation solution with the latest artificial intelligence algorithms and architecture
2 ezWeb
The web translation solution which can translate webpages automatically
The translation process management solution that many translators are allowed to participate in tremendous translation project


It is an AI machine translation solution with the latest AI algorithms and architectures and
It is an artificial intelligence language processing solution that improves customer work efficiency and productivity in an optimal environment.

LLSOLLU newly released Machine translation solution for artificial neural network ezNTS complements the shortcomings of the previous translation solution by the nation's top AI experts and further reflects the features required by existing customers and
it is an artificial intelligence machine translation software that enhances the most powerful translation quality and user convenience.

Enhanced translation performance and quality over previous SPNS ezNTS
  • Supports translation to more than 150 combinations, centering on the world's best Korean translator
  • World's first HWP (Korean) file translation Supports translation of all documents worldwide, including
  • User pre- and translation memory provides personalized translation performance for individuals and businesses
  • Support for a broad range of system environments, from On-premise to APIs and cloud
  • Artificial intelligence architecture optimized for CPU offers robust security and GPU-like throughput
  • It is the first in Korea to provide a monitoring system that can check the system operation and translation use at a glance.
ezNTS Key Features
  • Translate text and all documents worldwide
  • User dictionaries and translation memory for enhanced translation
  • APIs applicable to third party services and solutions
  • Monitor system operation and translation usage


Through machine translation technology of LLSOLLU Inc.,
ezWeb proivdes a solution of automatic homepage translation in 3 languages.

Key Functions
  • Generate English/Japanese/Chinese homepages at the same time
  • Maintain the Korean homepage layout(Translate only extracted texts
  • Reflect the updated Korean homepage into foreign language homepage
  • Improve translation quality by monitoring the machine translation contents
Characteristics ㆍ Advantages
  • Updated contents also will be translated in real-time
  • Realize the effective cost management and reduction
  • Improve the web accessibility by managing the multilingual homepages
  • Provide the specialized translation quality in specific industrial field


It is a translation project production control system which is participated by multiple translators
It supports quick and accurate translation project processes through systematic process and management.

Key Functions
  • Manage and make the individual accounts of translators, managers, inspectors
  • Manage the process and assigned tasks of the translators who are participated in the translation project
  • Improve the quality through translation quality management and inspection
Characteristics ㆍ Advantages
  • Possible to assign the task for each translator
  • Possible to save and reuse the high quality translation data in each field
  • Possible to use optimized dictionary DB in each translation field

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Process

1 Grammar Checker
Language correction solution which recognizes automatically and corrects the grammatical errors and mistyped letters from sentences

Grammar Checker

It is a grammar correction which corrects the grammar of written sentences in one language.

Key Functions
  • Correct the ungrammatical words and sentences
  • Correct the grammar including spellings, upper and lower cases, marks
  • Support the English grammar correction and hereafter, expand to the Asian languages grammar correction
  • Provide the explanations and examples about grammar errors
Characteristics ㆍ Advantages
  • AI grammar correction was developed by deep learning based machine learning
  • Without user choice, it corrects grammar errors witin a context
  • Spoken sentences can also be corrected (Preparing)

Open API Platform


1 L-Cloud Platform
Open API platform which is owned by LLSOLLU Inc. can be used with various technologies.

L-Cloud Platform

Machine translation, speech recognition, natural processing technologies of LLSOLLU Inc.
is an open API platform which can be used by anyone quickly and easily.

Key Functions
  • Provide machine translation, speech recognition, natural language processing API technologies
  • Provide natural language processing application API technology
  • Provide speech recognition application API technology
Characteristics ㆍ Advantages
  • Process and set the API very easily and simply
  • Report the pay-per-API use
  • Obtain the technology and experience the deep learning technology
  • Use optimized API to domain

Our technology & solutions



Reduce 27 years in translation business of Korean Classics


Tried to translate the 3,243 books of "The Daily Records of Royal Secretariat of Joseon Dynasty", however, for about 20 years, translators finished about 20 %, so the institute needs a system to reduce the time and cost


Construct the automatic translation system to translate the exact meaning and optimize in Korean Classics


Save the time and cost by reducing the 27 years in Korean Classics translation business which needs 45 years to finish


Simultaneous translation/interpretation application S-Translator about 9 languages


Samsung Electronics wants to provide the translation and interpretation application for users but it needs a lot of time and cost to develop the app, so it needs a replacement.


Provide and construct the machine translation based two-way translation and interpretation system for 9 languages


Samsung Electronics' smartphone users can understand and communicate 9 languages easily and quickly, so they can improve their life style.


STT recording system for a call center


Kiwoom Securities is operating the CS call center and recording the consultant contents to imporve the CS quality. Inspectors analyze the recorded data and examine the quality by making their own decision.


Kiwoom Securities applies STT recording system of LLSOLLU Inc. to call center. It records the customer's consultant contents in real time and provides the data digitalized function.


It handles the recorded call center files in real time and batch type. So it contributes to the productivity provision.

CJ 대한통운

Speech virtual assistant system


Inconvenience work because of using hands for searching the information and using mobile touch interface


100% speech recognition systematization, productivity improvement, real time speech recognition interface


It contributes to the productivity improvement through constructing the speech recognition virtual assistant system. Save the time with 100% speech recognition

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  • 에임투지


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  • SKT아카데미
  • 한국교통대학교 로고


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  • 국민연금공단
  • 한화손해보험
  • 스타크레디트대부
  • 신한금융투자 로고
  • 신한은행 로고
  • DB손해보험 로고
  • 삼성증권
  • 삼성생명
  • 삼성화재
  • 삼성카드


  • 인천국제공항공사
  • 한국법제연구원
  • 서울상수도본부
  • 한국특허정보원
  • 한국과학기술정보연구원
  • 한국천문연구원
  • 한국고전번역원
  • 전북도청
  • 전북토탈관광
  • 제주
  • 제주문화예술재단
  • 평택시청
  • 안산시
  • 광양시청
  • 곡성군청
  • 김제시청
  • 순천시
  • 담양군청
  • 안양시
  • 파주시청
  • 광명시 로고
  • 무주군 로고
  • 평창동계올림픽 로고
  • 광주유니버시아드 로고
  • 인천아시안게임 로고
  • 여수엑스포 로고


  • 셀트리온스킨큐어
  • 한국아스텔라스제약


  • 퓨전소프트
  • 효성ITX
  • 이스트소프트
  • 한컴인터프리
  • Mirai Translate
  • 씨제이올리브네트웍스
  • HMC
  • 유베이스
  • 이지웰페어
  • 루키토키
  • 나모에디터
  • 더존비즈온
  • 에이트원 로고
  • 헬로톡 로고
  • 누리IDT 로고


  • 삼성디스플레이
  • 엘지전자

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