Good morning.
I'm the CEO of the LLSOLLU Co., Ltd.

I'd like to thank you for visiting the LLSOLLU website.
Our LLSOLLU is a language solution company established in 2005 and is a technology company that develops and supplies AI solutions such as machine translation, voice recognition, and natural language processing that combine big data and artificial intelligence technologies to improve customer convenience and productivity in an optimal environment.
The LLSOLLU aims to provide solutions that benefit humanity's language life.
The final goal of LLSOLLU is not to be satisfied with the past achievements, but to contribute to the joint development of humanity by further developing and commercializing the technology it currently possesses to establish itself as a global AI representative company, and by allowing people around the world to freely share information and knowledge without language barriers.

It will always be LLSOLLU that goes in the right direction to oneself.
LLSOLLU will try to establish ethical management based on ethical values as a corporate culture and to become an exemplary and clean company by establishing fair competition and transaction order.
In addition, we will carry out all management activities ethically and legally while complying with the laws and customs of the community, country, and international community.

Once again, I would like to thank you for visiting our LLSOLLU website, and I ask for your affection and interest in the challenges and passion of LLSOLLU.

Thank you, and I appreciate it.


Code of Conduct


1-1. Responsibility of executive officers and employees;
Executive officers and employees shall fulfill their responsibilities for the achievement and development of the company's vision by sympathizing with the company's management ideology and objectives and faithfully performing their roles and given responsibilities.
Familiarize yourself with and comply with the company's regulations in performing all tasks.
Think and act based on ethical values, and take responsibility for the results.
1-2. Protection of company property;
It protects the company's property and is not used for personal purposes that are not related to work.
All budgets are executed in accordance with the regulations, and use of expenses other than work is thoroughly excluded.
1-3. Information security of the company;
The perceived information in the performance of the job should not be used or leaked unfairly by the person or others.
When important information is recognized, it is immediately delivered to the person in charge, and information is not distorted or false information is not distributed.
1-4. Establishment of sound organizational culture;
In the event of a conflict of interests between individual executives and employees or between organizational departments, the company's interests and goals shall be prioritized, and the company shall cooperate to act.
Employees shall refrain from slandering and impersonal words and actions, create sound peer relationships through mutual respect and trust based on ethical thinking, and achieve a transparent organizational culture through smooth communication and cooperation between organizations.
No executive or employee shall be provided with or receive any convenience, such as excessive money and valuables, entertainment, etc., in connection with his/her duties, and shall be provided at a reasonable level.
2-1. Respect and Satisfaction
You respect your status as a partnership and continue the relationship based on equality and trust.
It provides accurate and prompt service to customers' expectations and needs by complying with promises with customers and collecting opinions from the customer's point of view.
2-2. Relationship with interested parties;
In all transactions, it must be made in a mutually equal position and does not make unilateral or coercive unfair demands to the counterparty through a superior position.
Pursue joint development by providing necessary support in a timely manner with trading partners.
Preferential transactions should not occur through blood ties, regional relations, and school ties of individual executives and employees.
2-3. Respect for intellectual property rights and protection of information;
It respects the intellectual property rights of others and does not use or infringe trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc. without permission.
Prohibit illegal acts using information acquired by other companies or persons shall be prohibited.
2-4. Respect for stockholders;
The company enhances the investment value of shareholders by realizing profits through legitimate management activities.
The company strives to protect the rights of shareholders and respects the legitimate suggestions and demands of shareholders.
The company transparently discloses management information to shareholders and stakeholders according to related laws by selecting an appropriate time and method.
The company's accounting information shall be recorded, maintained, managed, processed, and reported in compliance with accounting laws and regulations.
3-1. Compliance with laws and regulations and fair correction;
Employees and companies comply with basic order and various laws and regulations and respect social values.
It pursues the growth and development of the company through fair competition with competitors, and does not violate the order of market competition.
3-2. Social contribution;
The company develops together through harmony and cooperation in the local community and actively participates in social service activities.
Job creation is achieved through the permanence of corporate activities, and the company's social obligations are faithfully fulfilled through sincere tax payments.
3-3. Safety management and environmental protection;
Executives and employees are responsible for maintaining a safe environment by being familiar with and complying with safety rules, and the company focuses on preventing accidents at all workplaces.
In the event of various accidents, measures shall be taken immediately through prompt action and active cooperation, clarify responsibility for follow-up management, and do our best to prevent recurrence through safety education and the spread of accident cases.
Employees and companies are responsible for faithfully complying with the Code of Ethics and acting accordingly.
In case of violation of the Code of Ethics, the cause shall be thoroughly investigated and the violation shall be held accountable.
Ethics executives and department heads are responsible for ensuring ethical management through thorough follow-up management and managing their employees to fulfill their ethical responsibilities.

Language Life Solution


Core Essence

A company specializing in language solutions for humanity

Grow as the company leading the age of AI
through solution, technology and service to make mankind's language life better
To prepare the global competition seeking specialized, customer centered and
various translation/speech recognition services, LLSOLLU Inc. aims
a concretized status of AI oriented language solution specialized company with passion and innovation.


Certification Status
Small and Mid-sized Companies
Ministry of SMEs and Startups
중소벤처기업부 이노비즈
Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Venture Business
Korean Venture Capital Association
Company Laboratory
Korea Industrial Technology Association
주식회사 나이스디앤비
Top Technology Firms T-4
NICE dun&bradstreet
미국 CMMi협회
CMMI Level 2
CMMi Association, USA
Family Friendly Company
직무발명보상우수기업 인증서
Excellence in Employee Innovation Promotion
e-케어 인증 기업
e-Care Certified Companies
Award History
President Industrial Medal
Software Industrial day
Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
Presidential Prize
Government 3.0's Best Practices Exhibition
Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
Prime Minister's Citation
61th Meomrial Ceremony for Telecommunication and Information Day
Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
Minister's Citation
Ceremony for 40th Anniversary of KOITA
Korea Industrial Technology Association
Minister's Citation
Memorial Ceremony for holding success of EXPO 2012 Yeosu
Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
Prize of Head of Center
Software R&D Contest
AI Korea Awards 2020
KAIST Presidential Prize
1st edaily AI Korea Grand Awards
KIPO Grand Prize in Outstanding Patent
2nd Speech Recognition Patent
KOSA President Award
4th Industrial Revolution Grand Prize
Ministry of Science and ICT
Digital Management Innovation award
e-Bridge Forum 2021
대한민국 발명 특허대전
Commissioner of Korean Intellectual Property Office
2023 Korean Invention Patent Competition
Korean Intellectual Property Office/Korea Invention Promotion Association

Beyond ~ing


  • 2022

    Next-generation artificial intelligence automatic translation solution 'ezNTS V10' launched
    Beta development of artificial intelligence video subtitle automatic translation service 'SubEditor' completed
    Transfer of stocks and management rights to Global Tax Free Signed
    Intelligence Information Industry Association Selected as 'Voice' Part for 2022 AI+X Top 100
    Next-generation criminal justice information system (Ministry of Justice, Prosecutors' Office, National Police Agency, Korea Coast Guard, etc.) selected to supply voice recognition solutions
    KB Financial Group Supplies Voice Recognition Solution to Future Contact Center
    Voice recognition solution for KB Bank’s Callbot System
    Voice recognition solution for KBcard Callbot system
    KB Securities to Supply Voice Recognition Solution for Callbot System
    Provides voice recognition solution to AI counseling support system for Samsung Securities
    Provides voice recognition solution to artificial intelligence QA for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
    Selected by Kakao Pay Securities AICC as Provider of Voice Recognition Solutions
    Sales Korea AICC Selected as Supplier of Voice Recognition Solutions
    DB Insurance Supplies Voice Recognition Solution to Smart Contact Center
    2nd supply of voice recognition and translation solution for Samsung SDS video conferencing solution
    Offers voice recognition solution for Samsung SDS SaaS AICC
    AutoBrain Customer Support Center to Supply Voice Recognition Solution
    Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) Supplies Automatic Translation Solution for Artificial Intelligence
  • 2021

    Selection of R&D Project for Ministry_of_Science_and_ICT Information and Communications Broadcasting
    Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's Research and Development Project for Cultural Technology (Joint Organization) Selected
    Awarded by the KOSA Association President at the 5th Industrial Revolution Awards
    Ibridge Forum 2021 Digital Management Innovation Award
    Provides voice recognition solution for virtual counselor systems for Samsung Securities
    Samsung Life Insurance, AI Virtual Counselor System Provides Voice Recognition Solution
    Samsung Fire, Artificial Intelligence Provides Voice Recognition Solution for Virtual Counselor System
    Offers voice recognition solution for incomplete sales systems for Shinhan Bank
    Supplies Voice Recognition Solutions for Future Digital Innovation Store Systems for Shinhan Bank
    Shinhan Financial Investment, Supply of Voice Recognition Solution for Digital Contact Center System
    Provides voice recognition solutions to its full sales service to NH NongHyup Card
    Insurance provides voice recognition solution to voice bot for Lina Life
    Supplies Secondary Voice Recognition Solution to Customer VOC to FoodTech Company
    Voice Recognition Solution to Be Supplied to Kiwoom Securities
    Provides voice recognition solution to Korea Legal Aid Corporation AICC
    GS Telecom Supplies Voice Recognition Solution to AICC
    Provides an Automated Translation Solution to K-Beauty Platforms to PFD
    Provision of voice recognition and translation solutions for AIITONE video conferencing solutions
    Samsung SDS Supplies Voice Recognition and Translation Solution for Video Conferencing Solution
  • 2020

    Signed global co-business agreement related K-contents with Treasure Hunter Co., Ltd
    Awarded Korean Grand Patent Awards in electric/IT part
    Awarded AI Korea Grand Awards / KAIST Presidential Prize
    Provide voice recognition system to Seoul Waterworks Headquarters
    Supplies Voice Recognition System for Internal VOC Analysis to FoodTech Company
    Supply Voice Recognition System to DB Insurance Smart Contact Center
    Supply Voice Recognition System to Starcredit Loan
    Provide Expanded Voice Recognition System to National Pension
    Provide Voice Recognition System to Korea Student Aid Foundation
    Provide upgraded speech recognition system, address search engine for SDS
    'AI English Grammar Correction' was added as a main function in HelloTalk App
    'AI Grammar Checker', AI English grammar correction app, was launched in Android and iOS
  • 2019

    Minister of Science and ICT Award
    AfroServiceGroup, STT TA Business Voice Recognition Solution Supply
    National Pension, Data-based AI Customer Counseling System Voice Recognition Solution Supply
    Korea Institute of Classical Translation, Cloud-based Old Literature Automatic Translation Diffusion Service
    BNP PARIBAS, Automated Translation Solution Delivery
    The company name changed into LLSOLLU Inc.
  • 2018

    Provided Korean-German/Korean-Russian automatic translator to Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games
    Signed technology cooperation MOU with Hana Tour to set on taking over the trip content
    Serviced virtual assistant speech recognition to help delivery service, agent, address translation parts for CJ Logistics
    Hanwha Insurance, Provides Voice Recognition Solution
    Serviced speech recognition and address correction system for SDS Contact Center
    Serviced speech recognition system for NTT Docomo
  • 2017

    Developed world's first automatic translation system of classics literature and serviced it for Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics
    Signed technology cooperation MOU to globalize Chinese Hellotalk App
    Serviced translation of disaster letters to the disaster ministry of Ministry of the Interior and Safety
    Serviced caption translation service of overseas lecture movie for SK Academy
    Samsung Electronics, CS Center Provides Impressive Talk Voice Recognition Solution
    Provide Voice Recognition Solution for VOC Analysis Business to Kiwoom Securities
    Serviced speech dictionary system for SKT NUGU
  • 2016

    Serviced automatic translation engine for Chinese King Soft
    Signed MOU for platform global service of SeeOn and SiksinO2O
    Serviced unmanned counlselling solution for Kiwoom Securities
    Received the Prime Minister's Commendation in ICT part, Korea Software Industry Day
    Serviced speech recognition system for NTT Docomo
  • 2015

    Established joint venture "Hancom Interfree" with Hancom
    Signed MOU with Zhongguancun, Chinese Special Technological Development Zone
    Signed technological development corporation MOU with Hanoi University of Science and Technology
    Received the Industrial Service Medal of a person who has contributed to industrial development and growth, Korea
    Serviced speech recognition of Heungkuk Life VOC analysis business
  • 2014

    Attracted investment of KRW 35 billion from STIC/KIP/SBVK
    Merged and acquired French Systran
    Changed the company name with Systran International
    Established the joint venture "Mirai Translate" with Japanese NTT Docomo and Fuetrek
    Serviced automatic interpreter for Incheon Asian Games
    Civil Service Information
    Serviced interpretation and translation app for Incheon Asian games
  • 2013

    Loaded "S-Translator" app to Samsung Electronics Galaxy S4
    Established CSLi USA
    Attracted investment of KRW 20 billlion from STIC Investment
    Merged the Daejeon business division of Sirius Soft
  • 2012

    Serviced speech recognition and translation system for NTT Docomo
    Transfer and acquire LNI Soft translation business division
  • 2011

    Launched a real-time translation of multilateral call system "TOKIA"
    Launched an on-line translation service "Wordia"
    Serviced Jeju Tourism Interpreting Secretary for Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
    Started to supply Interpreting Secretary business for local governments
  • 2010

    Launched Interpreting Secretary app at the Andorid market, Appstore and SKT T store
    Serviced automatic interpretation system for Korea Institute of Patent Information
  • 2009

    Serviced translation solution of the websites to the 104 Japanese local governments
  • 2008

    Serviced short sentence translation for NHN China
  • 2005

    Established CSLi which is an Asian language centered machine translation company
    Serviced automatic translation system for Empas and High Telecommunication

Global Status


Language Life Solution

The world best status as a specialized company with AI based and various translation/speech recognition platform

Sharp and smooth status of LLSOLLU Cl reminds us future-oriented and specialized company's image.
Two Ls mean Language + Life and natural language based ultimate technology involves
people's language life.

Core Value


Core Identity

Visible Specialty
No.1 Company-Role
Innovative Mind

Visual Identity

Aim of LLSOLLU and its right way(正道) are imaged in this symbol.
Through machine translation, LLSOLLU delivers doubled happy language life to people.
It expresses that LLSOLLU will leap and grow in the future.

CI Color

Cl means the future-oriented and specialized company
with AI based and various translation/speech recognition platform. It also reflects
the mission of the company and business nature including value of happy life.

C 100 M 40 Y 0 K 0
R 0 G 125 B 196

C 100 M 0 Y 0 K 0
R 0 G 173 B 238

C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 50
R 146 G 148 B 151

Plan For The Future


parallax background

Challenge for those who want to design the future with LLSOLLU , the world's leading AI-based language solution company.

Recruiting Process
Screening documents
First working member interview
Second manager interview


Seoul head office

5 and 14 Floors, 10-gil, Mabang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Yangjae-dong, Taeseok Building)

Telephone: 02. 557. 6826

Fax: 02. 557. 9311


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