LLSOLLU is a technology innovation-type small business (INNO-BIZ) recognized by the Minister of SMEs and Startups as a professional company with the world's best language solution technology that aims at voice recognition, machine translation, natural language processing, and open API platform as its core business area and AI solution-based language processing global standard.

Speech Recognition

It is the technology which can recognize the spoken speech,
understand the speakers' intention
and analyze the speech.

Machine Translation

It is the technology which makes computers
understand the natural language
and translate it into other languages.

Natural Language Processing

It is the technology which makes computers
analyze, understand, handle
and use the natural language.

Open API Platform

It is the cloud based platform which makes
everyone can use the key technologies of
LLSOLLU by providing Open API


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LLSOLLU Inc. provides various proudcts and services which are based on original technologies of machine translation, speech recognition and natural language processing.

News & Events


December 15, 2022

LLSOLLU , the world's first media company to launch an English translation service with AI in just one second

LLSOLLU (formerly SYSTRAN_International ), an artificial intelligence (AI) machine translation and voice recognition company, announced on the 15th that it has supplied an AI-based automatic translation system to an electronic newspaper and started a service that translates Korean articles into English in real time in just one second for the first time in a global media company. The e-newspaper []
December 12, 2022

[Planning]Artificial Intelligence Auto-Translation Solution ezNTS

ezNTS (Machine Translation Solution), developed by LLSOLLU and applied by electronic newspapers, is an AI automatic translation solution with the latest artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and architectures. Domestic AI experts complement the shortcomings of existing translation solutions and make up for existing customer requirements []
December 12, 2022

Electronic newspaper signs contract to establish LLSOLLU 'AI translation service'

The Electronic Times and the LLSOLLU (formerly SYSTRAN_International ) signed a contract at the Electronic Times in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 5th to "build an AI translation service for global readers." The Electronic Times has been building an AI system for all articles []

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Maeil Business TV.

A smart new wind of natural language processing that overcomes language barriers

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